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Branding Resources Bundle

Get access to all of our Branding Essentials: The Top 5 Branding Mistakes, The Branding Blueprint, The Naming Guide, The Brand Archetype Guide, and Let Your Color Personality Shine.

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What People Are Saying

For 12+ Years, Branding For The People has been trusted by 1,000+ of entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Founders to leverage our proven branding method to 2x, 3x, or 10x their business.

"This has been a magical and liberating journey. I finally feel fully in my true skin. I'm forever grateful for Branding For The People!"

Angelique Rewers

CEO of BoldHaus

“In just a month after rebranding with Branding For The People, we grew 399%. Fast forwarded to today, we've 10x'd our business."

Jonathan McCarty

CEO of Odyssey Test Prep

"Working with Branding for the People far exceeded my expectations. I am so grateful to have a brand I am proud of. I've already seen the ROI!"

Gina Worful

CEO of Mastering Mindfulness Institute

“Branding For The People's understanding of our business was incredible. Since rebranding, we’ve nearly tripled in size.”

Adam Hailstone

CMO of Williamsburg Learning

“After branding with Re Perez of Branding For The People, we grew by 300% and charged 4X more for our programs.”

Brent Weaver


"We went from 100 to 2,000 customers — a whopping 1900% increase after rebranding with Branding For The People."

Justin Berg


"We landed a $1M contract after branding with Branding For The People and built the foundation to grow to the next level."

Chris Koomey

COO of Thorben

“Branding For The People made us think about the why’s and the what's of our brand, which was a critical component embedded in our product from Day One.”

Brooke Fiumara


"Branding for the People helped me clarify my Brand Vision and taught me how content and marketing intersects with brand to grow my business."

Chase Damiano

CEO of Human At Scale

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